New artist preview: Search/Rescue

Search/RescueFeaturing members of now defunct bands Acceptance and Gatsby’s American Dream, Seattle’s Search/Rescue come soaring through the musical skies with their piano-driven indie rock made for perfect summers and breezy autumns.

I’ve just started listening to the band’s debut full length, The Compound, and I have to say I’m quickly impressed by their hopeful melancholy- the kind of songs that seem to fit multiple seasons. If you like Coldplay or Keane, but aren’t too thrilled by their rather stagnant and drab nature, then maybe Search/Rescue is what Continue reading


I Killed the Prom Queen detail final tour

As we previously suggested, defunct metalcore band I Killed the Prom Queen will indeed tour one last time before sailing off into the sunset. It’s no fizzle either— they’ve invited some big names to come down and share the stage for their final trek, including UK scenecore favorites Bring Me the Horizon, local fare The Red Shore, and The Ghost Inside for the run.

I Killed the Prom Queen will be reuniting the band along with an old friend, vocalist Michael Crafter, for the final line up. The May/June dates kick off on the 22nd and will hit a bunch of Australian cities before culminating in a pair of shows in Brisbane. You can check out the tour dates, along with Continue reading


Review: The Getaway Plan – Other Voices, Other Rooms

There is no secret to the Getaway Plan formula. Their brand of post-hardcore is one listeners have seen and heard many times before- Saosin, Armor for Sleep, Funeral for a Friend- all musically similar to Melbourne, Australia’s latest flexing their artistic muscle. Yet, as you listen to the band’s full-length debut Other Voices, Other Rooms, there is a distinct quality that separates them from their counterparts. It’s an intangible quality, one that can’t really be described by hyperbole, lavish praise, and/or writerspeak, but unfortunately, aside from actually listening to the record, it’s the only way to say how good it is. Yes, it’s post-hardcore, and yes, it sounds a little polished, but unlike other local fare (Kisschasy, The Hot Lies to name a few), The Getaway Plan have urgency and musical chops by the bag load.

The band’s singles- “Streetlight” and “Where The City Meets the Sea”- are your requisite, big chorus, chunky guitar type songs, and will easily grab casual listeners into the fray. However, it is when the band digs a little deeper into their emotional pockets that they truly find their symmetry. The album’s best is the mid-tempo, soaring melancholy of “New Medicine (Stay With Me)”; a lovelorn ode to, from what we can see/hear, the faith in fighting sickness. Then there is the more literal tale of love in “A Lover’s Complaint,” backed by solid melodies, and vocalist Matthew Wright’s towering voice, the song is the pinnacle of the band’s efforts; powerful, moving, yet not overly sentimental and/or naïve.

Whether it is delving into piano-oriented composition (“Red Flag”), or electronic landscapes (“Transmission”), The Getaway Plan are more than capable of pulling in elements of other genres into their own. It makes for an enthralling listen, and are the facets of the album that keep it from becoming stale and/or overdone. Only a few years into their musical careers, and these dandy gentlemen have more going for them than most will in an entire lifetime. Stamp Other Voices, Other Rooms as essential listening.

Other Voices, Other Rooms is available now via Boomtown.

Audio stream:
“New Medicine (Stay With Me)”


Stream Idiot Pilot’s “Cruel World Enterprise”

WolvesWashington electronic/rock pair Idiot Pilot will feature on this year’s Taste of Chaos tour with the likes of Atreyu and Bullet For My Valentine. The band released the record Wolves last year and are still out promoting the record. For those who haven’t heard their wares, here is a streaming cut from the album, the track “Cruel World Enterprise.”

Not bad, especially if you’re searching for a link between rock’s quieter moments and electronic music’s less twitchy subjects. Not as remotely irritating as Muse or Placebo. Stream it below Continue reading

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Trailer watch: Iron Man (2)

Iron ManBruce Wayne too morbid? Clark Kent too nerdy? Well, meet Tony Stark; billionaire playboy weapons designer, all-around jerk, and now, superhero badass. Those other guys can move over because the new trailer for the upcoming Iron Man movie has hit the web and holy God is it awesome.

It you needed a superhero movie trailer to give you both action/adventure, as well as an intriguing and interesting back story, that this summer’s Iron Man will do you justice. The previous trailer merely Continue reading