Hey Heroes For Hire, buy your own God damn beer

Touring isn’t easy, and finding money to do the things you want on tour is even more difficult, but Sydney pop punkers Heroes For Hire may have taken the whole crowd funding fad twelve steps too far. I’m skeptical on the authenticity or the seriousness of this crowd funding venture but nonetheless, it’s active and a real thing- so we’ll take it as such.

The band are currently on tour in the UK with recently reformed American pop punkers Allister and have now started crowd funding for… wait for it, their beer. The requested funds is for £500 and as of press time, it sits at £39 pounds funded by 9 people. 9 horrendously stupid people.

What a disgrace.

Regardless of whether the band are serious about it, people can genuinely donate their money to reach the band’s goal, and I’ve got a serious problem with bands who believe they’re entitled to tour “luxuries”, joke or no joke. Kids being kids? Or just a generation of silver spooned “rockstars” taking their sense of entitlement to their similarly entitled ADD generation fans? I dislike crowd funding in general, but this is beyond a farce. Crowd funding for bands is a joke.

And yes, so perhaps I’m old and from the generation of bands and musicians that toured on their own dime, worked two jobs so you could buy a guitar, and didn’t complain when your shitty van broke down on a highway in the middle of nowhere. So what. If you’re in a band today and you can’t afford to record your album, go on tour, or God forbid buy your stupid asses beer, you should probably get a real job.

I’ve had the displeasure of seeing Heroes For Hire live, it was an excruciating experience. This band blows. But whatever. Just buy your own God damn beer.


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Bouncing Souls release “Infidel” video

One of my fondest memories was getting a boot to the head at a 1999 Bouncing Souls show at Philly’s Trocadero. The band were no doubt, one of the most energetic, fun live bands to see. So maybe they’re a bit older now and a bit slower, hairs are greyer, but their tunes still have some kick.

The band have just released the new video for “Infidel”, from the 2012 album Comet. Check it out, old timers still rockin hard.


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Trailer watch: A Band Called Death

Before there was punk, there was a band called Death. In 1971, three brothers (Bobby, David, and Dennis Hackney) formed protopunk outfit Death amongst the popularity of the Motown scene. The band, a precursor to what became punk rock, was instrumental in breaking the stereotypical African-American contribution to the rock scene; beating out future punk/hardcore heavyweights Bad Brains by nearly a decade.

A Band Called Death, a new documentary by Drafthouse Films, sheds lights on the all too brief time the band spent together- recording a total of only 7 songs- before disbanding in 1977.

The documentary is available now on demand and is hitting US cinemas June 28th in limited release.


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The new trailer for Marvel’s The Wolverine has just been released, this the second full trailer. Starring Hugh Jackman once again in the title role, the new film sees Logan on his continuing quest for answers, this time in Japan where he faces his greatest enemy yet; the Silver Samurai.

The film co-stars Famke Janssen, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Rila Fukushima, Tao Okamoto, Brian Tee, Will Yun Lee, and Hal Yamanouchi and is directed by James Mangold.

The Wolverine slashes into cinemas this July.


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Film Review: The Hangover Part III

If there was any doubt that Todd Phillips wanted his Hangover franchise to end with as much bang as it began, then the first 10 minutes of The Hangover 3 will swiftly put that to rest. Two deaths including the beheading of a giraffe and the final installment of the longest night in history is well on its way. And after suffering a dreadful case of what can be (poorly) put as a ‘cinematic hangover’, the finale is thankfully near as much fun as the first.

Alan (Zach Galifianakis) is sent to rehab to clean up his crazy behavior, but along the way, the Wolfpack; Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Doug (Justin Bartha), cross paths with Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong), who is back to ruin their night one last time. The adventure unravels quicker than a cheap sweater as Chow takes the Pack on a harrowing evening of Tijuana trouble, stolen bars of gold, prescription medicine, bullets and John Goodman’s best mobster impression. Along the way, there’s more then your fair share of Alan being Alan, snappy one-liners, and Stu’s often bewildering realization at just where he finds himself at the moment, proclaiming with immense frustration and sadness that, “I’m just a dentist”.

And Poor Doug. Few people can claim they’ve been kidnapped, harassed, and lost, more times than Doug. So why not one more time? This time held hostage by Goodman’s burly underworld figure as ransom for Chow’s past. Bartha is once again surplus material, like much of the surrounding cast (Jeffrey Tambor, Jamie Chung, Heather Graham), their parts serve only momentary breaks from the often cranked up comedy and behavior of the main cast. And good God there’s a lot of Chow. If Jeong’s hyper-stereotyped Asianness is a bother to you, then you’ll probably dislike 95% of the film, but there’s enough goodwill and heart in the end that you’ll almost forget being subjected to micro-penis again.

Unlike the second outing, the third is less ill-willed, and returns the more jovial, gross out freshness the original brought. While the second movie found itself trapped in the mires of sequel-dom; recycling much of the original plot and chain of events, the third is able to cut loose the strains of the sophomore slump and let the natural and unnatural characters drive the movie. Symmetrically, the film finds its finale on the streets of Vegas, completing the story arch’s cycle. The return to the locale reminds the audience just how well the backdrop set the scene.

The film strives to turkey slap you in the face for the majority of its duration, but the gentle underbelly is proof to you that there is a heart in there as well. Phillips’ direction and general vision of the third is less grating than its predecessor and is a great way for the story to end. The Hangover 3 is genuinely fun and yes, really funny. You don’t have to stay until the end of the credits, but stay for a few minutes after it starts rolling, and you’ll be reminded why The Hangover is still outrageous. Like it should be.

The Hangover Part III opens in the United States and Australia on May 23rd.


Directed by: Todd Phillips
Written by: Todd Phillips, Craig Mazin
Cast: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, John Goodman
Released by: Warner Bros.


If you’ve ever wondered what the characters in The Hangover may turn out like (no?) when they hit retirement age, look no further than the upcoming John Turteltaub (Cool Runnings, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) helmed Last Vegas.

The film stars Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline and Robert De Niro as four old guys recapturing their youth one last time in Vegas before one of them weds. Cue the geriatric-hijinks and good times.

Maybe this should have been the sequel to The Hangover?

Last Vegas opens in November.


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(Spoilers ahead)

Everyone’s favorite serial killer is back for its 8th and final season. Dexter returns to television this June and Showtime has released the first full trailer for the new season. Following on from the events of last season, we jump ahead 6 months and find that Debra Morgan has taken to LaGuerta’s death with difficulty; and spirals out of control. What new problems does this present for Dexter? And someone new at Miami Metro may cause ol’ Dex some problems too.

Dexter Season 8 premieres June 30th.



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The third full length trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s big summer monster mash Pacific Rim has hit the web. What can we say that we haven’t said before? It looks like a grand old blockbuster of a movie. You should probably go see it.

Pacific Rim opens in Australia July 11th.


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From writer/director Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill) comes the latest in the line of Working Title romantic comedies; About Time. The film, starring Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy and Domnhall Gleeson, is about a man who discovers that he can travel through time. With it comes the ability to change the moments and the future, but at what cost?

Fans of Curtis’ romantic comedy lineage will surely find familiarity and comfort in this movie, but with a science fiction twist. About Time is set for release this November.


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Few words are needed really, but Michael J. Fox is back on TV. After his humorous cameo stint on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Michael J. Fox returns to network television with his first show since Spin City in the aptly named The Michael J. Fox Show.

The show is part of NBC’s new line up for next season. It’s great to see Fox back on TV in a starring role.


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