Book review: Come Together

by Josie Lloyd & Emlyn Rees
(Arrow Books)

The male and female minds are truly unique. Two completely different sets of rules, processes, understanding and resolve that often share the same space and time. Often acting differently to similar situations, the male/female psyche is given the full exposure in this well penned affair. Lloyd and Rees have written this honest interpretation surrounding the lives of one Jack Rossiter (a 27 year old semi struggling artist who enjoys the single life), and Amy Crosbie (25, often hopeless romantic, searching for clarity). Through happenstances they end up discovering each other and the fateful bond that grows between them.

What is perhaps the book’s strongest point is how it is written. Instead of numbered chapters, they are divided into the protagonists’ view point. Switching off from one chapter as Jack and then the next as Amy, it gives the reader an in-depth look and just how each character thinks and feels. They each struggle to understand the feelings that develop, the things that happen and just how difficult all this growing up really is. Set in an urban English city, the references and images that are painted in your head are lush, vivid and detailed.

Penned as the thoughts of 20-something-young-urban-adults, the language used, and the words and conversation come off as believable – like how one would imagine the characters would speak and react. While some of the slang and references remain strictly English (as in England, not America), they are details that add to the atmosphere. It’s that old English charm mixed with school boy mischief and humor.

Centered on romance (but not in the “cabin boy/lonely housewife” type), the story is speckled with comedy, struggle, pain, sex, fun and that authentic quality that makes you smile. Both male and female readers can enjoy Come Together; its unique perspective and its ability to portray two different minds is not only effective, but warmhearted. Most folks who are trying to plant their feet into the career world while trying to balance a love life with home/social life can and will relate to this worthwhile book. Come Together is a light read but a recommended one.