The Farros brand Paramore “manufactured product”

In a statement with little surprise, recently departed ex-members of Paramore have written an exhaustive and damning letter explaining their reasons for departing the band. More importantly, Josh Farro has revealed some of the inner workings of Paramore’s less than earnest creation- a byproduct of major label greed. No surprises there right?

The text continues to say that the band and the facade were manufactured by Atlantic Records and Hayley Williams’ manager as a vehicle to progress Williams’ career as a frontwoman and singer; rendering the rest of the band as nothing more than touring support.

Here is the most pertinent part of the written statement, explaining the motives behind Atlantic Records, Williams and her manager;

“After many meetings between Hayley, her manager and the labels they decided to sign her to Atlantic records. We didn’t understand why Hayley was the only one signing the contract since we were told this was a “band”, but we were too young to grasp all of this.  So far, Zac and I haven’t signed with another label, although I guess our part of Paramore sure could. Next thing we knew we were having a signing party for Hayley.

Our next move was to rerecord her solo demos with our own music rather than studio musicians to make it sound more genuine. Meanwhile, we tossed around band names. I wrote out a list of names, including “Paramore”, a name my old band with Taylor and Jason Clark had thought about using. Obviously, we settled on that name. The label received the rerecorded demos and once again tried to fire the entire band, saying we were terrible. Thankfully Hayley and I had been writing some new songs together (Hallelujah, Here We Go Again) that the label was pleased with so that acted as leverage for the band to stay. The label and management then decided to build our band up the grass-roots route. They put Hayley on Fueled by Ramen not making it known she was signed to Atlantic as well. All the while we still questioned whether or not we were an actual band, but Hayley continued to insist we were, despite our being ignored and pushed around by the label.”

So major label sees talented kid and wants to make money off her, they formulate a plan to make her a superstar and everyone else involved gets kicked to the curb. Just another day at the office for major labels.

To this day we stand by the idea that major labels are at the very core of creative erosion, every one of them. And this is just another pathetic example of who they are and what role they play in this sad industry we call music. You really can’t polish a turd.

On a side note: The statement continues on into Jesus related tangents, and while we certainly don’t blame Josh or Zac Farro for leaving this mess of a situation, we do blame them for thinking they’d be rock n’ roll when they got into this in the first place.  You really can’t be in a rock n’ roll band if you spend a lot of time with Jesus… because let’s face it, you’re only rock n’ roll when you dance with the devil.

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Trailer watch: Ed Helms in ‘Cedar Rapids’

Ed Helms (The Hangover) stars in this new comedy about a small-town insurance salesman on his first trip outside of his hometown. Visiting the metropolis that is Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he must try to save his company from its demise.

Cedar Rapids is directed by Miguel Arteta (Youth In Revolt) off a script by Phil Johnston. It co-stars John C. Reilly, Anne Heche, Kurtwood Smith and Sigourney Weaver, and is slated to hit cinemas February 11, 2011. The film will premiere at next year’s Sundance Film Festival prior to its release in general cinemas.

Looks like a fun time, but from the trailer it feels a little claustrophobic to be a real breakout hit. Maybe it has something to do with Cedar Rapids?


Richard Roeper’s ‘Worst Movies of 2010’

‘Tis the season for year-end lists, and film critic Richard Roeper has revealed his picks for the year’s worst celluloid attractions in this nifty video.

What’s the worst movie of the year according to Roeper? Watch the find out. What we can say is, #2 should have really been #1.


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Trailer watch: Matthew McConaughey’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’

The new trailer for the Matthew McConaughey starring drama The Lincoln Lawyer has made its debut online.

McConaughey plays a lawyer who works out of the back of his Lincoln, working on a high profile case involving the son of an important businessman.

The film co-stars William H. Macy (with new do and raggedy ‘stache), Marissa Tomei and Ryan Phillipe. It is scheduled to open March 18th, 2011.

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Trailer watch: I Am Number Four (extended trailer)

Following on from the release of its first official trailer, DJ Caruso’s I Am Number Four has now unveiled the extended version of the trailer.

Featuring new footage and a longer run time, the new trailer continues to reveal more about the character of “Number Four”. Starring Alex Pettyfer (Stormbreaker) and Dianna Agron (Glee) alongside Timothy Olyphant (DeadwoodJustified) and Teresa Palmer, the movie is the big-screen adaptation of a novel (of the same name) written by Jobie Hughes and James Frey. It details the arrival of nine aliens to Earth who are being hunted in sequential order by another invading species.

I Am Number Four arrives in cinemas February 18, 2011

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Trailer watch: Saoirse Ronan in ‘Hanna’

The trailer for upcoming thriller Hanna has made its way online. The film is about a young child who is trained in the art of the kill by a rogue CIA agent, her father, to infiltrate the very agency he once worked for. Along the way the young child learns much more about herself, her life and her existence to the backdrop of espionage, intrigue, and assassinations.

The film stars Oscar nominated actress Saoirse Ronan as the title character and features Eric Bana (as her father) alongside Cate Blanchett, Olivia Williams (from defunct television series Dollhouse) and Tom Hollander.

Directed by Joe Wright (Atonement), Hanna opens April 8th, 2011.


Download new Get Up Kids song “Pararelevant”

With their anticipated new album now just over a month away from release, The Get Up Kids have released a brand new track for free.

Titled “Pararelevant”, the song comes from their upcoming album There Are Rules, set for release on their own label January 25th.

You can stream the track below and for those interested in downloading it for free, enter your email address into the widget underneath the song stream for access.

The Get Up Kids – “Pararelevant”



Video: The Lawrence Arms – “Them Angels Been Talkin”

Chicago punk rockers The Lawrence Arms have debuted their new video for the track “Them Angels Been Talkin”. The track comes from their 2009 EP Buttsweat And Tears.

The group have also been announced as performers for Asian Man Records’ upcoming 15th Anniversary extravaganza where Mike Park is attempting to reunite every single Asian Man band to perform for the festival.

On a side note, Brendan Kelly still has the best alcohol-fueled voice in punk rock.

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Review: The Damned Things – Ironiclast

In “Friday Night (Going Down In Flames)”, Damned Things frontman Keith Buckley (of Every Time I Die) sings “all I want is another good time”, and from here, we get what this new heavy metal/rock group is all about. Featuring Buckley and Josh Newton from ETID alongside Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano from Anthrax and the other two guys from Fall Out Boy, The Damned Things do their best to bring what Motley Crue, Anthrax and Thin Lizzy have done in the past into the present. Not surprisingly, it’s what you’d expect if you mashed Anthrax with Fall Out Boy; heavy metal riffing, cigarette/booze-laden vocals and the melodic chops of mainstream pop punk.

Tracks like the aforementioned “Friday Night” and “Bad Blood” are the kind of brooding metal/rock hybrid that would easily kick start your Friday night party. Alcohol soaked, drug-fueled and cavorting half-naked women of the night is the best visual description of what The Damned Things sound like. It’s cheesy, but certainly balls out, and the potential for some of these tracks to be become staples at the strip club is high.

Songs like “We’ve Got a Situation” however, while plugged in diligently into the heavy metal psyche, are a little too meandering and play on just a little bit too long. But Keith Buckley is no slouch, and easily one of the best frontmen in metal/rock today. He’s got the kind of vocal swagger that made the likes of Vince Neil and Axl Rose household names through the 80s.

“A Great Reckoning” is a stand out track, and it’s a ballad. And if The Damned Things can make a ballad rock, they’ve got to be pretty damn good. (Mercury)

[xrr rating=3.5/5]


The Farros leave Paramore

Josh and Zac Farro, siblings and co-founding members of American rock/pop outfit Paramore, have announced their departure from the group. MTV confirmed the pair had left the band, stating the wheels had been set in motion months ago.

In a post on the band’s official website, remaining members have written a statement explaining the departure;

For the last year it hasn’t seemed as if they wanted to be around anymore. We want Josh and Zac to do something that makes them happy and if that isn’t here with us, then we support them finding happiness elsewhere.”

They continue on to say that while the departure is certainly an unfortunate event, they will continue on as Paramore;  “three of us who are still here are ready to take on another chapter of our journey together.”

In a recent tweet, frontwoman Hayley Williams put any rumors of their demise to rest; “Paramore is (still) a band.”

We had no idea there were other members of the band. We thought it was just Hayley and a bunch of robots. Paramore last released brand new eyes in 2009.