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Killswitch Engage pulls heartstrings with “Always” video

The return of Jesse Leach to Killswitch Engage proved to be a musical reawakening for the band. Their latest album, Disarm the Dissent, was a return to their bloody roots of Alive Or Just Breathing and I loved the record.

The band have just released the video for the ballady “Always” from the new album, and the video takes on a similar anthemic tone. Directed by McFarland & Pecci, the video aims to pull at your metal heartstrings. Whether or not it successfully does, well, that’s up to you. The video may be a little mawkish but the song still packs a punch.


Bring Me the Horizon unveil “Anthem” video

British metalcore/screamo act Bring Me the Horizon have unveiled the brand new video for the track “Anthem”.

The song comes from their recently released, unnecessarily titled album, There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret, which made its debut at #1 on the Australian Music Charts (with the lowest #1 album totals in ARIA history).

You can check out the new video above.

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All That Remains lands #10 on Billboard Charts

Massachusetts metalcore act All That Remains have landed at #10 on the Billboard Charts with their latest effort, …For We Are Many. The new album has given the band their highest charting position to date, moving an estimated 29,300 units in its first week.

The sales were boosted by the success of their latest single, “Hold On”, climbing well on both Active Rock and Mainstream Rock charts. The band recently released the video for the single which you can view above.

The group are currently on tour to support the record through the United States with Asking Alexandria, Unearth and And She Whispered.

Their success is a long time coming, but there is an unmistakable shift in their sound- “Hold On” is certainly no “This Calling“. A viewer on YouTube recently pointed out; “the nickelback of metalcore ladies and gentleman“, and while this shift in sound is dramatic, it’s not quite at that level of derision.

Your move Killswitch.

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Review: Evergreen Terrace – Almost Home

Holy fuck. On the rare occasion an album justifies such colorful adjective, it is fitting that the miscreants involved are the best tongue-in-cheek hardcore outfit around today. Never one to take themselves overly serious, Evergreen Terrace come pummeling through on their fifth studio album with distinction. You see, hardcore faces a lot of critical introspection, with it being such an urgent subgenre, people tend to get angry when you don’t sing about something “important.” So goes Evergreen Terrace, with all their Big Lebowski, Simpsons, Fight Club, and Family Guy references, giving hardcore a less than subtle middle finger without sacrificing the genre’s necessary urgency. A Day To Remember try to do this but sound far too saccharine, and bands like Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals forgo it all completely. So it leaves Evergreen Terrace, who at this point come across like Strung Out on speed. “Almost Home (III)” and “Enemy Sex” is razor sharp; melodic hardcore’s picture perfect amalgam while “Mario Speedwagon” breathes a stellar uniformity between having to be brutal and accessible at the same time (killer ax solo bro).

God forbid a melodic hardcore band write an album with actual melodies. Missteps aside (“We’re Always Losing Blood”), Almost Home is a galvanizing album. And if you spend all your time watching talking cartoon dogs and flamboyant megalomaniacs hellbent on killing their mother, here it is in layman’s terms; this album absolutely smokes, a contender for the genre’s album of the year. “Holy fuck” indeed. (Metal Blade)

[xrr rating=3.5/5]


I Killed the Prom Queen detail final tour

As we previously suggested, defunct metalcore band I Killed the Prom Queen will indeed tour one last time before sailing off into the sunset. It’s no fizzle either— they’ve invited some big names to come down and share the stage for their final trek, including UK scenecore favorites Bring Me the Horizon, local fare The Red Shore, and The Ghost Inside for the run.

I Killed the Prom Queen will be reuniting the band along with an old friend, vocalist Michael Crafter, for the final line up. The May/June dates kick off on the 22nd and will hit a bunch of Australian cities before culminating in a pair of shows in Brisbane. You can check out the tour dates, along with Continue reading


One last I Killed the Prom Queen tour?

Gossip is now abound down here in Australia that defunct metalcore act I Killed the Prom Queen could reunite for one last tour before sailing off into the sunset for good. The source is a credible one too … Michael Crafter, ex-vocalist for the band, has stated on the website that the band will indeed tour come May/June for one last hurrah. No official word has been released yet, but promises have already been made about playing material spanning their entire career.

I Killed the Prom Queen released Music For the Recently Deceased in 2006 and split after the departure of vocalist Ed Butcher. Guitarist Jona Weinhofen joined California metal band Bleeding Through upon leaving IKTPQ. You can still check out the video for the track “Say Goodbye” below.


Review: All That Remains – The Fall of Ideals

The incestuous Massachusetts metal scene, responsible for some of the today’s finest torchbearers of modern heavy music, is a perennial merry-go-round of band members weaving in and out of bands. They all share similar postcodes and seem to know each other very well while holding dear their copies of Slaughter Of the Soul and Reign In Blood, they tour together, and at one point or another, have played in either Aftershock or Overcast. And it is this apparent closeness between the bands that makes this particular breeding ground so formidable when it comes to fostering this talent. All That Remains are not all that different from their counterparts Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall. Well-schooled in the art of melodic thrash metal, they’ve come leaps and bounds since their last offering, 2004’s This Darkened Heart, honing their ability to blend all-out instrumental destruction with some of the best melodies since Sweden’s At the Gates ripped through this territory in the mid 90’s.

The precision on The Fall of Ideals is impeccable- from some of the fastest double bass kicking on “The Calling,” to the brutal balance of aural chaos and harmony on tracks like “Become the Catalyst” and “Not Alone,” All That Remains have their shtick down pat. If This Darkened Heart was a glimpse into their potential, The Fall of Ideals sees it met with a proverbial (and memorable) punch to the teeth. It’s all up-tempo, all searing guitars, pummeling drums, and vocalist Phil Labonte’s wailing between guttural screaming and soaring harmonizing. Veering into metalcore territory at times (tracks like “Indictment” and “It Dwells On Me”) but never once letting go of their European metal influences, the album’s most compelling moments come when they successfully mesh all of the aforementioned styles together. There will be few metal tunes better than “Become the Catalyst” and “The Calling” this year, and it is because they’ve instinctively kept the music and melodies interesting. Keeping the usual chugga-chugga hammering that often weighs down any good metal album interspersed with time changes and solos that maintain the album’s energy.

The few shortcomings come in patches scattered through the album. The chorus of “Empty Inside” descends to an unfortunate indiscernible mess after being so tightly done up to that point. The vocal experimentation on “The Weak Willed” is a little too out there as well- losing the song’s cohesion in its attempt to traverse as many styles of metal as musically possible in a four minute span. Nonetheless, while some moments will come across as a little irritating, it does little to diminish the album’s underlining appeal. Well written, soundly produced, and packing some truly punishing urgency, All That Remains have ascended to the peak of their trade and The Fall of Ideals is the definitive metal statement of 2006. (Prosthetic)

[xrr rating=3.5/5]