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Set photos: Steven Spielberg’s The Pacific

The Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks mini-series Band of Brothers was both a triumph in cinematic achievement and audience enjoyment. It was as if they were able to stretch out the best aspects of Saving Private Ryan into a 10-part epic; succeeding in capturing a moving, and historically important story from the era. Its success of course, would inevitably lead to a follow-up, and both Spielberg and Hanks are back producing the new series, The Pacific. And while the original focused on the story of Easy Company, a parachute regiment, the sequel will be based on what happened in the Pacific Theatre. Similarly, the new series is based on books written; this time around the tales are based on work by both Robert Lockie and Eugene Sledge.

What strikes me most is how there seems to be an omission of bigger name stars attached to the project- with the names I am most familiar with being James Badge Dale (24), Joseph Mazzello (that annoying kid from Jurassic Park), Nathan Corddy (Studio 60), and William Sadler (the grim reaper!). The project has of course, been filming here in Australia since August of 2007. And while primary locations have been around Queensland and rural parts of Victoria- the set moved right into the heart of the city this past weekend shooting scenes directly in front of where I work. Sure, Flinders St. isn’t exactly the 40s, but with a little bit of cover, some handy props, and the street is looking very old indeed.

I was able to snap a few shots on my mobile phone of the set (hence the quality), and so here’s Flinders St. station as depicted in The Pacific. On a side note, you can view a recent article about the filming here, as well as other photos (using what I can only guess is an actual camera) right here.

pacific 1

pacific 2

pacific 3

pacific 4