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Trailer watch: Iron Man (2)

Iron ManBruce Wayne too morbid? Clark Kent too nerdy? Well, meet Tony Stark; billionaire playboy weapons designer, all-around jerk, and now, superhero badass. Those other guys can move over because the new trailer for the upcoming Iron Man movie has hit the web and holy God is it awesome.

It you needed a superhero movie trailer to give you both action/adventure, as well as an intriguing and interesting back story, that this summer’s Iron Man will do you justice. The previous trailer merely hinted at the evolution of Tony Stark, now we get the story blossoming into a full-fledged blockbuster.

If you’re going to see only one superhero movie this summer, yeah, leave the Bat because Jon Favreau’s Iron Man has got it made.

The film opens May 2nd.


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