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Review: Arliss Nancy / Those Crosstown Rivals – Split 7″

tcrMuch has been said for American rock n’ rollers Arliss Nancy around these parts. Their new album Wild American Runners is easily one of the most stellar releases of 2013. This new 7” split from Shitstarter Records is both a great way to acquire some short run Arliss Nancy vinyl and a great way to discover this split’s other recording artist Those Crosstown Rivals. The latter, taking a page from the same Americana-drenched rock n’ roll book as Arliss Nancy, are a little less polished and more cow-punked, but still boast the same kind of urgency and guitar-fueled reflection as their split counterparts.

The 7” version of this release features a track each, the Wild American Runners featuring “Both Got Old” from Arliss Nancy and “Look At Me” by Those Crosstown Rivals. While the AN cut is from an album, the TCR song is something we haven’t heard yet, and it’s a rollicking train of Southern-flavored rock that’s got a little bit of classic Against Me! in it too.

For those who purchase this release digitally, you get two bonus tracks for your troubles; “Can’t Go Back” and “Kentucky Woman” from the artists respectively. Both are added reasons to sink your teeth into either band as they are both crafting songs of their genre with great success. You can’t go wrong with either band so why not get both?



The Arliss Nancy / Those Crosstown Rivals Split 7″ is available now via Shitstarter Records. You can listen to Those Crosstown Rivals’ “Look At Me” below: