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Review: The Ataris – All Souls Day / The Graveyard Of the Atlantic 7″

Kris Roe was never one to shy away from wistful songwriting. The man who seems to have the eternal blues continues to wear his heart proudly on his sleeve, and on The Ataris’ first taste of new material since their less than successful tread down indie rock way, takes it all back to where End Is Forever and So Long, Astoria promised all those years ago.

“All Souls Day” appeared on the 2009 Warped Tour compilation and it felt that a new full length was shortly on the way. But nearly two years removed, and we’ve only got a slightly reworked version of this track. It’s as caustic as Roe has ever been (spitting out lines like “Erase our lives take back those vows / I guess it’s not that easy now / I’ll tear that fucking chapel to the ground”), but musically it sounds a little like “Not Capable of Love”.

The b-side of this 7” is the real gem of the mix and is a great indicator of the new album’s potential. We first heard an acoustic rendition of the album’s title track not too long ago, and now, the full band version gives us the best Gin Blossoms song The Ataris ever wrote. Its mid tempo guitar riffs and bittersweet couplets are the perfect accompaniment for what seems like the single longest road trip in pop punk/rock history.

Roe is still searching for that perfect moment, but “The Graveyard of the Atlantic” is the closest he’s ever been. (Paper + Plastick)


AUDIO STREAM: The Ataris – “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”
The Ataris – “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”

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Video: The Ataris debut “Graveyard of the Atlantic”

Long-standing pop punk band The Ataris have debuted the new material from their upcoming new album Graveyard of the Atlantic.

An acoustic version of the title track can be heard in the video of Kris Roe performing below, the first sample from the follow-up to the commercially disappointing (but quality… at least we thought so) album Welcome the Night.

Roe has promised a return to their upbeat, catchy nature of their earlier material on Graveyard of the Atlantic, stating;

I feel that today where I am at is sort of coming around full circle and just having fun again and being newly inspired by the art that made me discover music in the first place.”

No solid release date has been announced as of yet with only a vague ‘late 2010 – early 2011’ time frame given. The Ataris first burst onto the underground pop punk scene in 1999 with their sophomore album, Blue Skies, Broken Hearts… Next 12 Exits which spurned the hit single “San Dimas High School Football Rules.” Their mainstream breakthrough came in 2003 with the album So Long, Astoria.

The Ataris will be touring Australia early next year as part of the Soundwave Festival.