I always through Tegan & Sara were a cutesey little indie folk thing who did their bit while twee girls and boys swooned. But while at the gym a few weeks ago, I was caught off guard by this synth-soaked, gyratingly catchy dance number I dismissed as another quick fire radio grab by some fresh faced band plucked by greedy A&R suits from obscurity. Alas, it was Tegan & Sara going dance pop.

It was quite….. good. And as strange as it is to admit, I’ve listened to this song a plenty and still enjoy it. I won’t be listening to the rest of the album (c’mon man, I’ve got some self respect) but this song, well, good enough for me to have watched the only 3-4 minutes of Ellen’s show I’ve ever watched.

Fat Mike needs to write another song, maybe this time about creepin’ out Tegan.


Polar Bear Club, Tegan & Sara cover Bad Religion

SPIN Magazine and MySpace have announced the release of a Bad Religion tribute album titled, Germs Of Perfection: A Tribute to Bad Religion.

The compilation will feature artists like Canadian indie popsters Tegan & Sara, post-hardcore act Polar Bear Club,  Ted Leo and more and it set for free digital release October 19th via MySpace.

MySpace has a couple of the tracks streaming now, both of which can be heard below. The first is Tegan & Sara covering “Suffer” followed by Polar Bear Club’s rendition of “Better Off Dead.”

Bad Religion are releasing their much anticipated new album, The Dissent of Man, today.

On astute user on MySpace left this rather amusing comment; “No offense to the artists involved, but wouldn’t a better title be: How Could This Album Be Any Worse?: A Tribute to Bad Religion.” From what we’ve heard so far, it’s 50/50. But at least it’s free. We are however, unsure if this talented singer/songwriter will appear on the compilation. She’s better than Tegan AND Sara.

Tegan & Sara – “Suffer”

Polar Bear Club – “Better Off Dead”