Taylor Swift to break 1 million sales in first week?

In landmark news for the current state of the industry, pop country starlet Taylor Swift is on course to sell upwards of 1 million copies of her new album, Speak Now. Billboard is reporting that her album is on target to sell at least 900,000 units but could break past that magical seven-digit number, becoming the first album to do so since Lil Wayne’s (sigh) 2008 release The Carter III.

If projected sales are surpassed, Swift could own the highest selling debut since 50 Cent moved 1.1+ million of his 2005 album The Massacre.

These numbers are of course, a far cry from just ten years ago, when the fastest selling album of 2000 tallied nearly 2.5 million copies in its first week. We will not say which album/artist it was.

The struggles of the industry have been well documented around the world. In Australia, an all-time low was achieved not too long ago when the highest selling album of the week moved just 3600 copies.

We applaud Ms. Swift for her efforts and congratulate her on her impending success.

As we’ve always said: Taylor Swift > Kanye West.

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