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Listen: Convaire – “Talk In Technicolour”

Sydney electro foursome Convaire recently released their new single “Talk In Technicolour”, and it’s a sound that oozes disco smooth. Fitting perhaps for the coming summer nights, the single was recorded by Simon Todkill (Kanye West, Mark Ronson) and is the follow up to their debut single “Gate Track”.

Check out the new single below and if you’re so inclined, pick up a copy on iTunes.


Anchorman 2 cast heading to Sydney for premiere

The Global News Network team are heading down to Sydney for the premiere of the movie Anchorman 2.

Paramount have confirmed that stars Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner and Director Adam McKay will all be part of the traveling team to the Sydney premiere of the movie at the Hoyts in the Entertainment Quarter. We’re not sure if they’ll be in character or just doing their press thing, but expect the event, along with the movie, to be all kinds of Burgundy.

The event takes place Sunday, November 24th.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues will open in Australia December 19th.

Check out the latest trailer below:



Major League Baseball opens 2014 season in Sydney

With news that the 2014 MLB season will open at Sydney’s famed Sydney Cricket Ground next year with a heated series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks, talk has turned into the pricing structure and pre-release procedure for those interested in snagging a ticket for the big event. International season openers are nothing new for Major League Baseball, having opened last season in Japan, but a trip all the way down to Australia is a new prospect for Bud Selig’s league, and already there has been much gripe about the process in which fans can sign up for early tickets.

The Australian Baseball League is a burgeoning league here in Australia. While secondary to the AFL, rugby, cricket and even soccer, its connection to the major leagues (it is partly funded by the MLB) means that it has close ties to the very best of the sport. Tickets for the event go on sale next week and priority is given to the members of any ABL team; a good way to boost the local league’s numbers but at the same time, a ghastly cost of having to fork out around $90-$190 for a local membership (these figures are from full membership prices to the Melbourne Aces) just to be first in line to purchase tickets for the series. Prices for the series?

Exorbitant to say the least. Certainly this opportunity is a fantastic one to get up close to two famed MLB franchises, and considering the distance the clubs have to travel, it is no surprise prices are so high. However, those traveling interstate will surely be spending no less than $1000 for the trip- almost an entire fare to the US, where some tickets from either official team websites or Stubhub can be bought for a measly $6.

Is it worth it? From this writer’s perspective, it’s hard to say. Last June I spent $149 each on great seats at Yankee Stadium for a subway series game between the Mets and the Yankees. These tickets were bought off Stubhub so they were more than the regular price- but even New Yorkers weren’t going to gouge me for that much.

Nonetheless, recent events between the Dodgers and the Dbacks have been less than friendly, adding a possible edge to next year’s series (baseball players tend not to forget getting hit by a pitch). We’ll get to see the best sport in the world in our own backyard which is always a positive, and let’s hope that when March rolls around, we’ll also get to see a little of this too:

Baseball in Australia is a growing sport, but there are plenty of Australian major leaguers who more than just contribute to their respective clubs. Perhaps this is the best way to expand the sport here, and in a sense, we’re lucky that Major League Baseball is enthusiastic about sending teams all the way down. Time will tell whether or not such ventures are worth it for the fans. We should be excited that they aren’t sending the Marlins or the Astros, and let’s hope they bring some Dodger dogs down with them.

Play ball (mate).


Hey Heroes For Hire, buy your own God damn beer

Touring isn’t easy, and finding money to do the things you want on tour is even more difficult, but Sydney pop punkers Heroes For Hire may have taken the whole crowd funding fad twelve steps too far. I’m skeptical on the authenticity or the seriousness of this crowd funding venture but nonetheless, it’s active and a real thing- so we’ll take it as such.

The band are currently on tour in the UK with recently reformed American pop punkers Allister and have now started crowd funding for… wait for it, their beer. The requested funds is for £500 and as of press time, it sits at £39 pounds funded by 9 people. 9 horrendously stupid people.

What a disgrace.

Regardless of whether the band are serious about it, people can genuinely donate their money to reach the band’s goal, and I’ve got a serious problem with bands who believe they’re entitled to tour “luxuries”, joke or no joke. Kids being kids? Or just a generation of silver spooned “rockstars” taking their sense of entitlement to their similarly entitled ADD generation fans? I dislike crowd funding in general, but this is beyond a farce. Crowd funding for bands is a joke.

And yes, so perhaps I’m old and from the generation of bands and musicians that toured on their own dime, worked two jobs so you could buy a guitar, and didn’t complain when your shitty van broke down on a highway in the middle of nowhere. So what. If you’re in a band today and you can’t afford to record your album, go on tour, or God forbid buy your stupid asses beer, you should probably get a real job.

I’ve had the displeasure of seeing Heroes For Hire live, it was an excruciating experience. This band blows. But whatever. Just buy your own God damn beer.


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Sydney’s Tonight Alive premiere new song

Sydney pop punk act Tonight Alive are currently in the United States recording with noted producer Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182) working on the follow up to their debut album All Shapes & Disguises.

The band have released a short 3-song EP to tide fans over until new material is done. A song from that EP, “Thankyou and Goodnight” has made its way online and can be heard above.


Joey Cape lines up two Australian solo shows

On tour at the end of the year for the No Sleep Til Festival with Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape had two days off in between shows … so instead of taking in the sights and sounds of Australia, Cape told the touring company;

Two days off in the itinerary! I will have no truck with it!

And thus, two Joey Cape acoustic sideshows were born. Playing Melbourne and Sydney December 9th and 11th respectively, Cape will showcase tunes from his impressive catalog of music, including his freshly released solo work Doesn’t Play Well With Others. Full details and supports below.

Thursday 9th Dec @ The Arthouse, Melbourne, VIC
w/ Jamie Hay & Darren Gibson
Tickets on sale ($15)

Saturday 11th Dec @ The Sando, Newtown, NSW
w/ Will Wagner & Jen Buxton
Tickets on sale ($15)