The final trailer for JJ Abrams‘ much anticipated sci-fi sequel Star Trek Into Darkness has hit the web. The trailer continues the themes of peril the crew faces in light of a new evil, played by Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch.

Shall we begin? Looks a little like the end. Star Trek Into Darkness hits cinemas in May.


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Jack Ryan reboot gets Chris Pine and new writer

The planned reboot for the Jack Ryan series has secured itself a brand new writer to go along with its new star.

Having confirmed Star Trek star Chris Pine as the new Jack Ryan, it was reported today that Sherlock Holmes writer Anthony Peckman will come on board as the movie’s scriptwriter.

The character, created by novelist Tom Clancy, has previously been portrayed in Hollywood by Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck and most famously, Harrison Ford. The last film, 2002’s Sum Of All Fears, fared well at the box office earning nearly $200 million.

Reports coming in state that the new film, tentatively titled Moscow, will feature Jack Ryan before he joins the CIA. Filming is expected to start early next year.

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Fake trailer watch: Star Trek

The “fake” (fan made) trailer for J.J. Abrams’ much anticipated Star Trek revisit made its way on to the net recently and caused quite a stir … why? Because it’s quite well done- obviously without any “footage” from the film, but as a teaser, it does what it is suppose to do- generate interest, excitement, and discussion. Even if it is fake.

Lets hope this J.J. Abrams redux is more movie magic and less nerdy nerdiness that has plagued the very TV movie-like aura of the last few Star Trek films. The next installment details the early adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and Spock, casting young actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto (Heroes) in the respective roles. Early information has stated that appearances from the original cast members is also likely (at this point, Leonard Nimoy is the only confirmed original cast member slated to appear). Star Trek will also feature Wynona Rider, Jennifer Morrison (House), John Cho (Harold & Kumar), Simon Pegg, and Eric Bana.

The new film is slated to hit cinemas December 25th, 2008 and was written by Continue reading