Fearless Vampire Killers support Sophie Lancaster Foundation with new song

London-based metal/pop punk band the Fearless Vampire Killers are releasing a brand new single to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

The track, titled “Palace in Flames”, has been described by frontman Laurence as;

“…a mini Rock Opera in two and a half minutes, but the lyrics are metaphors for real emotions. It chronicles a prince’s rise through a hedonistic palace of derangement, in a city that stretches on forever. There’s twisted cardinals, vampires and intoxicated kings involved.”

The aim is to raise awareness for Sophie Lancaster, the British teen who was kicked to death because of her appearance. Her parents have set up a foundation that has become very important for the group;

What drew us toward the foundation the most, was the idea of Stamping out prejudice, hatred and intolerance everywhere. Growing up in the country, we all faced intolerance and hatred on a daily basis – never to the horrific extent that Sophie suffered – but it did still have a big affect on us as kids. It shouldn’t be like that, and if The Sophie Lancaster Foundation want to try and change it, we want to get involved.”

The track, which can be streamed below, will be available soon from the band for all of those who purchase a Sophie Lancaster wristband. All proceeds will go directly to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

AUDIO STREAM: “Palace in Flames”
Fearless Vampire Killers – Palace In Flames