Bart Scott shows us some emotion

Much has been said about the NFL’s strict policies on players exhibiting the kind of emotional release that made Chad Ochocinco a household name. From celebratory endzone dances to trash talking, the NFL seems intent on curbing everyone’s enthusiasm.

Personality in the NFL is a bad, bad thing and they want to make sure everyone stays in line because God forbid, football gets rough outside of its physicality. Sure, it’s probably dumb to trash talk an opponent after a marginal gain when your team is losing (I’m looking at you Deion Branch), but I’m all for WWE-style, post/pre-match interviews that add a little spice into the matter. If anything, Vince McMahon and company have always done a fine job at broadcasting the realities of American pop culture in an amplified manner; all trash talking, hip hop-ified, look-at-me posturing that has become the norm.

The NFL just wants the reality of it swept under the rug within their league. Let’s face it, the NFL brethren isn’t exactly the Harvard Society of Fellows. Let’s not pretend it is.

Check out Scott after the game below, saying what I’m sure most of the Jets were thinking. More talk, more rock.