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Trailer watch: Amanda Seyfried in ‘Red Riding Hood’

Fresh from the acclaim received in Chloe, rising starlet Amanda Seyfried features in Red Riding Hood; a horror remake of the classic fairy tale done with an added dose of werewolf. Yes, werewolves. As mainstream media continues their love affair with these shape-shifting beasts, leaving us all in an endless vortex of lycanthropy, what can we expect next, the boy who cried werewolf?

Seyfried plays Valerie, a girl whose village is being terrorized by a werewolf. She seeks the help of a hunter to rid the village of the menace, but is the werewolf someone from the village?

It doesn’t look too bad, some great looking cinematography and, hate to say it but, well crafted mise-en-scène.

Co-starring Gary Oldman and directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight), Red Riding Hood opens in cinemas March 11, 2011.