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Fall Out Boy saves rock and roll?

As absurd as it sounds, Fall Out Boy’s new album is called Save Rock And Roll. But perhaps, Pete Wentz and company are much smarter than we give them credit for. Perhaps they too know the absurdity of “saving rock and roll”, but know a clever marketing plan if they saw one. Their new album, featuring guest spots from Courtney Love, Elton John and Big Sean is everything you’d expect from Fall Out Boy; loud guitars, radio friendly melodies and Patrick Stump’s signature falsetto. Who said rock and roll needed saving?

Stream the entire album below and decide for yourself.


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Patrick Stump debuts new song

Former Fall Out Boy front man Patrick Stump has debuted a new track, “Spotlight”, from his upcoming solo album. Unsure as to the direction of the song, Stump recorded two different versions of the song and is asking fans to choose which one will end up on the final cut of the album.

You can hear a version of the track above while the alternate version can be heard here. Fans can go and vote on which song they prefer on Stump’s official website.


Pete Wentz’s Black Cards debuts new song

Black Cards, the new dance-infused electro-pop project from former Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, has debuted the brand new song, “Dr. Jekyll & Mr Fame”, on their Facebook page.

In order for fans to grab a download of the new song,  they will have to “like” their page and the song will unlock itself.

We didn’t want to “like” the page so we haven’t heard it yet. But let us know if its any good.

Wentz formed Black Cards alongside little-known singer Bebe Rexha after Fall Out Boy called it quits earlier this year. Vocalist Patrick Stump is working on his upcoming solo debut while the other two guys in the band went on to work with members of Every Time I Die and Anthrax to form The Damned Things.