Short Takes

Illegal filesharers to get internet axe?

NME is reporting that UK lawmakers are trying to pass new legislation that would enable a new “three strikes” policy to come into play for those who illegally download media from the internet. That would mean those who “strike out,” could effectively ‘be banned’ from internet usage via their ISP.

It’s just a UK-based initiative at the moment, but regardless of geography, it seems like a fruitless ploy in an unwinable war against filesharing. With the ease of internet connectivity these days, and the high number of options of access, denial via one portal surely won’t stop the hordes.

Update: Just as I post this and browse, I see that Wired as some interesting news on some of the latest filesharing sites that have quickly become a haven for free music. They talk about Tagoo … which of course, is based in Russia. Just makes it all the more difficult to track and stop. We also have Waffles, a popular site that has taken over the mantlepiece since the demise of fan favorite, OiNK.