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Watch: NOFX fan video for “Stoke Extinguisher”

Not too long ago San Francisco punks NOFX put out a call to their fans to create a video for their upcoming single “Stoke Extinguisher” as part of a contest. The caveat being that contestants would have no idea what the song sounded like when they made the video outside of a few clues (good ones like “fast part”, “slow part”).

The contest is now over and NOFX have posted the first finalist of the contest; a rather great Lego stop-motion video. The official word from Fat Mike and company reads;

[quote]”After countless submissions, and hours of watching ALL the vids in their entirety, and yes, we even watched the full THREE minutes of a slug crawling up a wall (thanks for that), we’ve narrowed it down to three winners. We’ll be rolling all three out over the next couple weeks and we’re starting off with a pretty fuckin’ cool display of lego wizardry.”[/quote]

You’ll be able to vote for the winner once all three finalists are up.

The song “Stoke Extinguisher” is the first taste of new material since 2012’s full length album Self-Entitled and will be available for purchase starting today.



Fat Wreck returns to the compilation game

For many people outside of North America, Fat Wreck Chords early compilation series was their introduction to the melodic punk genre. It brought to the world the music of Strung Out, No Use For a Name, Propagandhi, Bracket, Frenzal Rhomb and NOFX to areas previously virgin to the fast and furious sounds of 90s punk. More than 15 years since Survival of the Fattest, Fat Wreck has announced the latest installment of the Fat series, and the first in some 8 years.

Titled Harder, Fatter + Louder!, the mix features Fat Wreck staple artists alongside their most recent artistic acquisitions, including The Flatliners, Cobra Skulls and Teenage Bottlerocket. Veteran compilation-ers Strung Out, No Use, NOFX and Good Riddance make an appearance.

The release is slated for a November 23rd release. In the era of crappy digital samplers, free downloads and shitty bands, it is great to see Fat Wreck still doing the old thing in a good way.  One a side note, Survival of the Fattest is still one of the best cheapo compilations ever made.

01. Old Man Markley – “For Better, For Worse”
02. The Flatliners – “The Calming Collection
03. Swingin Utters – “Brand New Lungs”
04. Mad Caddies – “Why Must I Wait”
05. Banner Pilot – “Greenwood”
06. Pour Habit – “Heads of State”
07. Dead To Me – “X”
08. Teenage Bottlerocket – “Skate or Die”
09. Cobra Skulls – “Hot Sand”
10. Tony Sly – “Via Munich”
11. None More Black – “Sinatra After Dark”
12. Chixdiggit! – “Miso Ramen”
13. Against Me! – “Holy Shit”
14. NOFX – “Fermented and Flailing
15. Smoke Or Fire – “Integrity”
16. Strung Out – “The Fever and the Sound
17. Lawrence Arms – “Demons”
18. American Steel – “Tear the Place Apart”
19. Good Riddance – “Lame Duck Arsenal”
20. No Use For A Name – “Dream Police”
21. The Real McKenzies – “Scots Wha’ Ha’e (Live)”
22. Dillinger Four – “A Jingle for the Product”


No Sleep Til Festival announces lineup

How long does it take for excitement and anticipation to turn into quiet reservation and slight disappointment? Well, probably from the time it took between this previous article and the one you’re reading now. The much hullabalooed announcement about the Descendents touring Australia was indeed true, and as expected, it will be part of a new festival. Today Blue Murder Touring announced the No Sleep Til Festival, hitting Australian shores this December and featuring a bevy of heavy, an entourage of enormous, with the Descendents the inevitable “hotdog in a hallway”.

So alongside the Descendents, you’ll have to go and pay to see the following acts:

NOFX (see this article)
Dropkick Murphys
Parkway Drive
A Day to Remember
Alkaline Trio
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Frenzal Rhomb
3 Inches of Blood
Suicide Silence
August Burns Red
We Came As Romans
Break Even
House Vs Hurricane
and other nondescript bands.

The injustice of it all is, you can count the number of good bands on this bill with your five fingers. The good news is, it is probably the LEAST shittiest of music festivals in Australia, but alas, a festival is a festival. So the wish continues that if the music Gods were to be so kind as to grant a Descendents sideshow, than all is forgiven.

For those who have terrible taste in music (but discernibly less terrible than all those who go to all the other festivals), then here are the dates for the No Sleep Til Festival:

Sunday 12 December – Perth @ Arena Joondalup
Wednesday 15 December – Adelaide @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Friday 17 December – Melbourne @ Melbourne Showgrounds
Saturday 18 December – Sydney @ Entertainment Quarter, Hordern Pavilion
Sunday 19 December – Brisbane @ RNA Showgrounds Brisbane


Christmas wishlist: Descendents sideshow

There is a certain kind of elation that occurs in old-time punkers (like myself) when word leaks that the Descendents will tour Australia for the very first time in December. Elation unmatched at the thought of Milo, Bill, Karl and Stephen dusting off their passports to make the long trip down, playing in some beaten down warehouse where we would revel in the sights and sounds of one of the truly greats and be home at a semi-reasonable time with little to no fuss.

How does one contain the possibility of seeing music from Milo Goes to College live? You can’t really, not until it happens (I’m guessing).

Elation quickly turned to stern contemplation when it was announced that yes, the Descendents are coming to Australia, but they are unfortunately touring as part of a festival. And as old-time punkers go, festivals are for brats. If there was any one band you could justify paying festival money for to see it would be the Descendents, but still, it’s a festival (with Atreyu playing no less).

Such is life. Destitute punks cannot be choosers. The supposed line up isn’t bad per say (so far, NOFX, Killswitch Engage, Dropkick Murphys, Me First have been announced) but the first Warped Tour lineup was pretty cool too. A festival is a festival and along with it, comes the many pitfalls.

What to do then, when these dates draw near and the Descendents make their way down?

Friday, December 17 @ Melbourne Showgrounds
Saturday, December 18 @ Sydney University Sports Fields
Sunday, December 19 @ Brisbane Riverstage & the City Gardens

The only thing I want for Christmas is a Descendents sideshow.