Mixtapes to release Short Collection of Short Songs in November

Melodic punk rockers Mixtapes are releasing a brand new 7″ featuring 6 new tracks of recommended pop punk/rock. The 7″ offers no shortage of boy/girl vocals, buzzing guitars and sweet harmonies and is out via their label, Animal Style, November 30th. The slab o’ wax is limited to a pressing of 500 on three colorways (orange / yellow mix, lime green, electric blue). You can check out the track list below.

Until then, you can grab a free Mixtapes song by “tweeting for a track“- and as the action suggests, one tweet and you’ll get a nice download of the song “I’m Like”. We like. Their song “I Was a Teenage Poltergeist” (on their myspace) is of particular interest- think Screeching Weasel/Teen Idols!

01. Birthday Party Summer Camp (Hellloo Meggann)
02. The Real Hotel California
03. Soups Whatever
04. I’m Like
05. Whit’s End
06. Anna Maria