Fans of the beat generation rejoice, the full trailer for the anticipated new film Kill Your Darlings has made its way online. Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg and Daan DeHaan as Lucien Carr, the film details David Kammerer’s murder by Carr, pulling together the great poets of the beat generation: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and William Burroughs.

Directed by John Krokidas from a script written by Krokidas and Austin Bunn, the film is set to feature at this year’s Toronto Film Festival before seeing limited release in October. Michael C. Hall, Elizabeth Olsen, Ben Foster and Jennifer Jason Leigh co-star.

Looks like a fascinating film and one with better traction than the disappointing adaptation of On The Road.

(Spoilers ahead)

Everyone’s favorite serial killer is back for its 8th and final season. Dexter returns to television this June and Showtime has released the first full trailer for the new season. Following on from the events of last season, we jump ahead 6 months and find that Debra Morgan has taken to LaGuerta’s death with difficulty; and spirals out of control. What new problems does this present for Dexter? And someone new at Miami Metro may cause ol’ Dex some problems too.

Dexter Season 8 premieres June 30th.



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Trailer watch: Michael C. Hall in ‘Peep World’

Dexter’s Michael C. Hall leads an ensemble cast in this quirky family comedy/drama about the strained bond between a family after a book divulging their secrets is published. Co-starring Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson, Ron Rifkin, Judy Greer and Kate Mara, Peep World was directed by Barry W. Blaustein (Beyond the Mat, The Ringer).

The film’s trailer can be seen above. Peep World was first released last year at the Toronto International Film Festival and will arrive in theaters March 25th.


Dexter renewed for sixth season

It looks like Dexter is sticking around for a little longer. E! is reporting that a sixth season of Dexter is on the cards for next year with the possibility of the seventh to follow. The deal is expected to be confirmed soon but details for now have it as a one-season renewal that comes with the expectation of another. However, the contracts of the primary actors will have to be sorted out before a seventh season can commence.

The current, and fifth, season of Dexter has two episodes remaining; as Dexter Morgan and Lumen Pierce (played by Julia Stiles) continue their hunt for serial rapists/murderers responsible for stuffing more than a dozen girls into barrels after raping and torturing them. Dexter has to contend with the prying of corrupt narcotics cop Stan Liddy (Peter Weller) along with the pressures of being a good father.

After a slugglish start to the season dealing with the fall out from Rita’s death, it was difficult to see how the season would unfold and how the character would ultimately deal with the loss. The first episodes seemed to lag a little (as ratings would indicate) but with the introduction of Julia Stiles (fantastic as Lumen), the story arc seemed to find its legs and the intrigue and intricacies of the show seemed to return in full. The last two episodes have been the highest rated of the season thus far (pulling in roughly 2.11 and 2.54 million viewers respectively) and an indicator the last two of the season will finish strong.

The majority of what has unfolded has been strong; the only serious sticking point has been the unraveling of the Batista/LaGuerta marriage subplot, which seems like an unnecessary distraction. Misleading viewers with the Santa Muerte killings before launching head first into the “barrel girls” was a great slice of television, and the complexities of the characters have benefited significantly.

Where will Dexter and Lumen end the season? Will we get another massive event the way the fourth season ended? Time will tell, but either way, we’re excited at the prospect of more Dexter.