Whiskey For The Holy Ghost

It is an anomaly to me, that Mark Lanegan isn’t as recognized as he should be. While active music listeners will undoubtedly form some sort of familiarity with his name, the majority of the media seem reticent in their praise for his massive discography. So when we did the show about him, it was less us being the bullhorn for the uninitiated, but rather two music fans who sat in amazement at how impressive his voice, and his work is.

We used words like “soulful” a lot, and fawned at how amazing songs like “Nearly Lost You” are. We had a wide variety of music from his career not only as the voice of the Screaming Trees, but a lot of his collaborative work with the likes of the Queens of the Stone Age, Greg Dulli, and Isobel Campbell. We were going to close with a Gutter Twins track, but I think Brad stuffed that up. Trust us to mess with a good thing.