The past is gone but something might be found

There are few things that evoke the grungy/slacker/alternative nation generation more than a damn good Gin Blossoms song. While things like grunge and being a slacker are far removed from today’s cultural sphere, the “alternative nation” was a uniquely 90s social experience that one growing up within would be hard pressed to forget. It painted high school politics and college potential, and while the more tangible qualities of the generation are remembered in old flannel and dirty jeans, the intangible sights and sounds are often provoked by the bands that defined the generation.

News has come that a new Gin Blossoms album is on the horizon, and while not their first since the 1990s (that came with 2006’s Major Lodge Victory– not their best unfortunately), the new material (albeit, streaming 30-second samples at present) is very welcome news to someone that still holds “Follow You Down” very close to their heart-strewn sleeve. Titled No Chocolate Cake, the material previewed is like a glorious sense of deja vu;  nostalgia without a sense of sadness. The sample from lead-off track “Don’t Change For Me” is every bit vintage Gin Blossoms, and the rest of the 11-song sampler is like listening to your favorite 90s soundtrack to the backdrop of your favorite 90s movie. September 28th is the day…

Until then, a look back at two of the greatest songs about the 1990s, the years before and the years ahead, as written by the Gin Blossoms:

“Follow You Down”

“Hey Jealousy” (still my favorite song about alcohol-fueled heartache)