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Jarrod Gorbel debuts “Ten Years Older” video

Former Honorary Title front man Jarrod Gorbel has released the music video for the track “Ten Years Older.” Directed by Blake Behnam and Nic Hill and shot in Los Angeles, the video is a near perfect visual accompaniment to the song described by Gorbel as;

…the passing of time, the sudden realization and reflection on your past. It’s also based off a lot of people close to me and their downward spiral. The directors had done other music videos and documentary work that I liked. And we all came to the table with some ideas of what we wanted this video to portray. After a bit of back and forth, we decided to juxtapose the free lives of the young with the constrained dark lives of the old and marry them somehow. It became a depiction of the old not giving in, not throwing in the towel and re-embracing life. We wanted this video to evoke a feeling while hearing the song more than tell a specific narrative.”

Go and give your grandparents a call. The song comes from Gorbel’s recently released, and splendidly terrific, debut full length Devil’s Made a New Friend.