Video: Pulley – “Mandarin”

Pulley’s Time-Insensitive Material was one of my favorite EPs of last year; short, melodic, and every bit as urgent as SoCal punk gets. The release was, as expected, aptly titled as Pulley’s release schedule has been erratic of the course of their career. Most probably because front man Scott Radinsky spent a great deal of his professional working career as a major league pitcher.  He most recently split singing duties in Pulley with being the bullpen coach for the Cleveland Indians, so I think we can all forgive him if he doesn’t have time to keep slugging it out in a touring van 10 months a year.

So perhaps it’s fitting that the video for one of the EP’s best tracks come more than a year after its release. Nonetheless, fans of SoCal melodicore will love it. Here’s to hoping a new full length is on the horizon.

You can check out the video above.

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Trailer watch: Kill the Irishman

Notorious Cleveland mobster Danny Greene will soon get the big screen treatment. Directed by Jonathan Hensleigh (The Punisher) and starring Ray Stevenson in the titular role, Kill The Irishman is about Greene, the Irish-American mob boss and FBI informant who tried to shoot his way to the top of Cleveland’s criminal underworld during the late 1970s.

The film co-stars Val Kilmer, Linda Cardellini, Vinnie Jones (of course), Vincent D’Onofrio and Christopher Walken and is set to open March 11, 2011.

Looks like a good ol’ fashion wise guy caper that plays like every mobster television series and movie rolled up into one. Check out the trailer below.