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WATCH: The Killers – “Christmas in L.A.” (feat. Owen Wilson)

The Killers continue their long partnership with the AIDS Awareness foundation (RED) by releasing the new Christmas single “Christmas In LA”. Earlier, RollingStone unveiled the song’s pretty grand video.

Featuring Owen Wilson and Harry Dean Stanton, the video features both actors set to the backdrop of student-made animation directed by Kelli Loosli. The video, according to Slant, is about “the existential crisis all actors inevitable face at some point in their careers”. The band Dawes features on the audio portion of the single.

The Killers are really hit or miss, with much of their output being on the miss side, but give credit where its due, this melange of Christmas vibes coupled with the melancholia strewn video and imagery fits rather well.

Check out the video below (hit refresh if the VEVO player isn’t working immediately):