Short Takes

Frank Sinatra vs. Cat Power

At least, over at Spinner. Both have done renditions of “New York, New York,” and the site asks you to rate which is better. Personally, it’s Sinatra by a country mile, although Chan Marshall’s version does add a touch of cool smoky blues to it which I really enjoy.


Reviewing Esquire’s Playlist of Hope

Cat PowerIn the January issue of Esquire magazine, resident music writer Andy Langer takes to task some of their most “hopeful” tracks for the new year- a new years resolutions’ worth of songs meant to exhibit the feelings of a brand new calender. Langer in the past, has praised the likes of The Honorary Title, a favorite of ours, so his tastes can’t be too far off (okay, so maybe he doesn’t listen to Atreyu much) … but are these songs good? Are they the shining beacons of hopefulness Esquire claims them to be? Let’s find out (this is where you sweep aside the notion that reviewing reviews is anything but trivial). Continue reading