Batman 3 titled ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, director Christopher Nolan revealed a few bombshells about the upcoming third, and final, Batman film.

The biggest news comes with the revealing of the official title, with Nolan stating the film will be called The Dark Knight Rises. On top of this revelation, the director has disclosed that the film will use many of the characters already familiar through the franchise, but will see the introduction of several new ones;

We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we’ll be introducing some new ones.”

However, with villain speculation running high, Nolan has put an end to talks of any inclusion of The Riddler, saying the main villain of the new film “won’t be the Riddler“. Fueling still, the question of just who will face off against Batman for what will be the final showdown.

Speaking of filming, Nolan has expressed his disinterest in making The Dark of the Knight a 3D experience, instead opting for more high definition techniques and IMAX cameras to enhance the film’s viewing.

Nolan’s apprehension towards the current influx of 3D is a welcome reprise from the often cheap use of said technology. Anyone who underwent the unfortunate experience of sitting through Clash of the Titans 3D will know that when 3D stinks, it seriously diminishes the film’s appeal.


Christopher Nolan confirms return for Batman 3

Director Christopher Nolan has confirmed he will return to the director’s chair to helm the third and final Batman movie.

Empire Online spoke to Nolan who has now confirmed his return;

I feel myself falling into it, I guess. And getting it all figured out and I’m pretty excited about what we’re doing so… If I haven’t announced it, I think that people probably all know at this point that I’m doing it.”

Fresh from the success of Inception (Hollywood’s first piece of originality since God knows when … although Duck Tales may have something to say about it), Nolan recently confirmed he will be working (not as the director) on the refreshing of the the Superman franchise as well. His schedule continues to fill up with the inclusion of the final Batman trilogy, one he reignited with Batman Begins in 2005.

Christian Bale is expected to return to reprise his role as Batman, but so far, no other casting announcements have been made. The Joker however, will not be returning.

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Trailer watch: The Dark Knight

The new trailer for the much anticipated Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight, has made its way online.

The film stars a returning Christian Bale as Batman while newcomers Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart take the roles of The Joker and Harvey Dent respectively. The film is due July 18th, 2008. You can also download the trailer from here.