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Video: Armor for Sleep – “Hold the Door”

Armor for Sleep have debuted the video for the track “Hold the Door,” the second single from their Sire debut, Smile For Them. You can view the new video below.

It’s a great step up for the band, perhaps their most well produced video to date- thematically sound with the album and its ideas. It’s good to see Sire putting some support behind the record Continue reading


Armor for Sleep find redemption

Smile For ThemCaught in the pull of the lights and dreams of Los Angeles, Armor For Sleep sing very openly about the struggles of dealing with Hollywood’s “lights, camera, action” practice. Their plight for sense amongst the glitz is clear in very name of their latest collection- Smile For Them– a blatant stab at the constant surveillance lifestyle of fame and fortune. It’s on the album cover and it’s in the songs (“Smile For the Camera,” “Stars In Your Eyes,” and the closing grace of “Stand in the Spotlight”).

Yet, the album’s most enduring moment, it’s closest connection to Armor For Sleep’s humble New Jersey roots, is the track “Hold The Door.” Escaping the literal meanings of the words sung, it speaks of momentary failure- the feeling of isolation and loss amongst the ever changing nature of our world. But as the chorus comes crashing in, there is a great sense of redemption, of finding one’s place in his or her immediate surroundings; amongst the ruins of yesterday and the hopeful gleam of tomorrow. It is melancholy in its grace, emotive in its urgency, and a beautiful indication that Armor For Sleep have found their place in their evolution. Listen for yourself… Continue reading