Thrice rediscover their fire

ThriceAfter a seemingly dormant period of musical indifference, Thrice have returned better than ever. With half of their lofty 4-EP album The Alchemy Index in stores today (Volumes 1 & 2: Fire and Water), the band have shown incredible growth with their latest effort.

While the wait to fulfill The Alchemy Index’s completed vision extends until next year, Fire and Water have exhibited incredibly musical and artistic evolution- proving the band can indeed write ambitious material, while remaining immediate and effective. Proof of such amplification can be heard in Fire’s opening track, the raging “Firebreather.” Like it’s moniker, it evokes rage and passion, yet remains alluring in how it appears/sounds. It is perhaps, the most essential track the band have written since their material on 2002’s The Illusion of Safety– except its reward is tenfold. Judge for yourself after the jump. Continue reading