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LISTEN: Joshua and the Baggage EP

joshjoshJoshua are quite the emo anomaly; once the darlings of the genre, their presence went from the thoroughfares of file sharing’s best days to the unfortunate mumblings of ‘what ever happened to?’ and the occasional joyous find at local Mom and Pop record stores. Capturing much of the attention in their early Doghouse Records days, they reached a pinnacle through, of all things, a self-titled single that still holds their two finest offerings; “Divide Us” and “Your World is Over.” It is quite strange to think that while many of their counterparts (who ply their trade in very much the same scope) have ascended to far greater heights, Joshua have never scaled higher than occasional scene reminiscence and the inquisitive wondering of lost potential…

One wonders if the band had been around today, whether their brand of pop-tinged emo would find its way onto grander settings. Truth be told, their final release, the Baggage EP, doesn’t differ too far from what popular acts like Say Anything did during their heyday. Yet there is a certain air of unpretentiousness that comes with Joshua that is sorely lacking in the music Max Bemis (of Say Anything) generally writes. Perhaps this is due to the relative obscurity that Joshua had in comparison to Say Anything, an aura of undiscovered riches amongst a sea anemone of emo-flavored indie rock. It’s what gives their music replayability years and years after the fact. Have a listen to the very breezy “Perfect Man” and tell me you’re not swayed … and then listen to the track “A Better Place” to see just what could have been.

“Perfect Man”
“Perfect Man”

“A Better Place”
“A Better Place”

Note: We are of course talking about the Joshua formed in 1995, who went on to release material on both Immigrant Sun and Doghouse … not the metal band.


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