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Review: Protest The Hero – Volition

voliProgressive metal band Protest The Hero have never had a problem with the technical aspects of metal. Well versed in the art, they’ve never shied away from infusing their breakneck music with elaborate solos, breakdowns and instrumental technicality that would normally scare away those who like their craft a little less cerebral. Their latest album, Volition, makes no mistake of this and continues their streak of albums that are both melodic and accessible, but equally sound technically. It will appease metalheads who like their metal garnished with more than just chugga-chugga riffs and growls.

From the opening salvo of “Clarity”, Volition is robust in breadth and urgency. Many of the songs, like “Drumhead Trial” and “Tilting Against Windmills”, crash together in a tidal wave of razor sharp guitars, intense guitar noodling and a mixture of Rody Walker’s piercing voice and the guttural backdrop of machine gun percussions and screams. The percussions come courtesy of Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler, who replaced departed member Moe Carlson in the studio for the release.

The album was funded through an IndieGoGo campaigned and raised more than $300,000. Fans of the band expect a lot from Protest The Hero and much of the material on Volition should meet and exceed their lofty expectations. There is a lot of uptempo, speed metal on here and anyone needing a break from metal that is far too cerebral and maybe a little indulgent, will probably need to go elsewhere. Volition. But if you like this sort of thing, then shred baby, shred.



Protest The Hero’s Volition is out now via Spinefarm / Razor & Tie Records.

Bonus video:


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