Hey Heroes For Hire, buy your own God damn beer

Touring isn’t easy, and finding money to do the things you want on tour is even more difficult, but Sydney pop punkers Heroes For Hire may have taken the whole crowd funding fad twelve steps too far. I’m skeptical on the authenticity or the seriousness of this crowd funding venture but nonetheless, it’s active and a real thing- so we’ll take it as such.

The band are currently on tour in the UK with recently reformed American pop punkers Allister and have now started crowd funding for… wait for it, their beer. The requested funds is for £500 and as of press time, it sits at £39 pounds funded by 9 people. 9 horrendously stupid people.

What a disgrace.

Regardless of whether the band are serious about it, people can genuinely donate their money to reach the band’s goal, and I’ve got a serious problem with bands who believe they’re entitled to tour “luxuries”, joke or no joke. Kids being kids? Or just a generation of silver spooned “rockstars” taking their sense of entitlement to their similarly entitled ADD generation fans? I dislike crowd funding in general, but this is beyond a farce. Crowd funding for bands is a joke.

And yes, so perhaps I’m old and from the generation of bands and musicians that toured on their own dime, worked two jobs so you could buy a guitar, and didn’t complain when your shitty van broke down on a highway in the middle of nowhere. So what. If you’re in a band today and you can’t afford to record your album, go on tour, or God forbid buy your stupid asses beer, you should probably get a real job.

I’ve had the displeasure of seeing Heroes For Hire live, it was an excruciating experience. This band blows. But whatever. Just buy your own God damn beer.


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