Massachusetts metalcore outfit Killswitch Engage have unveiled a new track from their upcoming album Disarm The Descent. “The New Awakening” is the second track to be released from the album following the single “In Due Time”.

Disarm The Descent is the first album to feature the return of original vocalist Jesse Leach to the fold, replacing long time front man Howard Jones. The new album is out April 2nd.

Fuck this song is good.


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Sight & Sound

Hear new Iggy & The Stooges song “Burn”

Everyone’s favorite leather-skinned punk rock old timer has released a brand new tune with his band. Better known as Iggy & The Stooges, the group have unveiled the new song “Burn” from their upcoming new album Ready to Die, only their third album since their heavily influential 1973 release Raw Power. The album is also the first without original member Ron Asheton who passed away in 2009.

Iggy & The Stooges will venture down to Australia next week and will play Melbourne on the 27th at Festering Hall; really the only place dirty enough to have Iggy. Ready to Die is set for release April 30th.


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The Strokes have released the music video for their first single from Comedown Machine, the band’s follow-up to 2011’s Angles.

“All The Time” sounds like classic Strokes and it looks like classic Strokes… and I don’t hate it. So there’s that. Comedown Machine is set for release March 26th via RCA.


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Album Reviews

Review: Tawny Peaks – Tawny Peaks

Nostalgia can be intoxicating, just ask Tawny Peaks; the New Jersey 5-piece whose historical roots are cast within the mold of American Football, Cap N’ Jazz and earnest Midwestern emo of the mid to early 1990s. The opening of “With Steps” is less an indicator of what proceeds it and is but a sparkling beginning to the many meandering musical stops the album visits, and there are moments on their debut that are just that- intoxicating.

The dual vocals of Charlie Perris and Molly Grund give the songs an occasional Rainer Maria vibe- like in “More Proof”- where the riffs are heavier than the twinkling beginnings of the album. Similarly, “March Sadness” turns up the melancholia set to the backdrop of more acoustic surroundings. “Ambiguity” is perhaps the album’s best affair; fully embracing the band’s influences while sounding fresh and in the now. It is also the most beautifully crafted song of the bunch, with its lush midtempo structure and weaving guitar/bass work that either Kinsella brother would be proud of.

Tawny Peaks is a unique record because it is both artistically and musically forward thinking but is very much linked to the past. In painting its aural atmosphere, it comes across as long gone and beautiful as an old photo. Once the needle hits the vinyl, there is an immediate sense of yesterday that overcomes the listener, and as the grand closer “Bring Back The Mountain” finishes its near 8-minute trek, you are left with that sense of musical fulfillment rarely felt today. (Glass Nail Records)

[xrr rating=3.5/5]


On their recent sojourn to Australia, The Offspring performed their fantastic 1992 album Ignition in full. One enterprising YouTube user has posted the entire Ignition show (sans encore) from their Brisbane leg of the show.

Check it out and watch 40-something punk rockers rock out to the second best album they ever wrote.

Ah, the sweet sweet sounds of some trusty old chords… Face to Face have unveiled the first song from Three Chords And A Half Truth, out April 9th on Rise.

All is “Right As Rain” as the band tap into their inner Social Distortion on the new track. You can pre-order the new album in endless bundles here and you can grab the single from iTunes here.