Mark Ruffalo is a terrorist?

Probably not, but the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security has placed The Avengers star on their terror alert watchlist. According to the San Fransisco Chronicle, the actor was added to the list because of his active participation in the spreading of awareness about the award-winning documentary Gasland.

The documentary, directed by Josh Fox, is about the drilling technique known as “hydraulic fracturing” and the impact of this particular gas drilling within the United States.

Ruffalo recently spoke to GQ magazine about this situation, dismissing claims that he could be any sort of danger to homeland security. He think’s its “pretty fuckin’ funny” but we’re guessing his next TSA screening will probably take place in one of those little rooms.

The actor starred in this year’s The Kids Are All Right (with Annette Benning and Julianne Moore) and the Steve Carrell comedy Date Night. He is currently shooting the Joss Whedon-directed graphic novel adaptation, The Avengers, due in cinemas May 2012.


Against Me! leave Sire/Warner

Against Me! have left major label Sire/Warner after a 5-year working relationship. In a blog post, front man Tom Gabel has expressed his gratitude to all those at Sire and has sent out an apology to all the fans effected by their recent rash of tour date cancellations;

“The last thing that we ever want to do, especially when the dates have us going to some of our favorite places in the world, but this past October a culmination of circumstances were engulfing us and we had to take some time off from touring to go home and sort things out. On a related note, after almost a five year relationship we are leaving Sire/Warner. We have nothing but gratitude towards all the people we worked with at the label and feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to make the records we made while with the label.”

Gabel continues to say that the band have scheduled a few radio station festivals in December before heading out on tour in January with Cheap Girls and Fences. The band have also recruited Jay Weinberg (Max’s kid) to handle drum duties. Weinberg was recently booted from Madball after differences between Weinberg’s lifestyle and that of Freddie Cricien surfaced.

Against Me! released the terrific White Crosses earlier this year.

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Review: The Ataris – All Souls Day / The Graveyard Of the Atlantic 7″

Kris Roe was never one to shy away from wistful songwriting. The man who seems to have the eternal blues continues to wear his heart proudly on his sleeve, and on The Ataris’ first taste of new material since their less than successful tread down indie rock way, takes it all back to where End Is Forever and So Long, Astoria promised all those years ago.

“All Souls Day” appeared on the 2009 Warped Tour compilation and it felt that a new full length was shortly on the way. But nearly two years removed, and we’ve only got a slightly reworked version of this track. It’s as caustic as Roe has ever been (spitting out lines like “Erase our lives take back those vows / I guess it’s not that easy now / I’ll tear that fucking chapel to the ground”), but musically it sounds a little like “Not Capable of Love”.

The b-side of this 7” is the real gem of the mix and is a great indicator of the new album’s potential. We first heard an acoustic rendition of the album’s title track not too long ago, and now, the full band version gives us the best Gin Blossoms song The Ataris ever wrote. Its mid tempo guitar riffs and bittersweet couplets are the perfect accompaniment for what seems like the single longest road trip in pop punk/rock history.

Roe is still searching for that perfect moment, but “The Graveyard of the Atlantic” is the closest he’s ever been. (Paper + Plastick)


AUDIO STREAM: The Ataris – “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”
The Ataris – “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”


Disney celebrates 50th animated feature

Disney Studios is celebrating an animated milestone with the release of Tangled this Thanksgiving weekend. Starring Zachary Levi (Chuck) and Mandy Moore, the film is Disney’s 50th feature; a landmark achievement they broke ground with more than 70 years ago.

The studio have put together a short reel of their 50 films to date recapping some of their most noted full length animations from their monumental first film Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs to favorites Aladdin and The Lion King. Check out the video above.

The studio continues its long storied tradition with next year’s retro looking Winnie the Pooh.

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Review: Arrows – Try And Stay Upright

When things unravel, you search for a way to make sense of the countless thoughts that cloud your mind. There is a fetching quote from a set of lyrics I came across recently that I think is the most accurate summation of this notion. It ends with “So when I finally close my eyes / I’ll find my self control”. These words are the one tangible thing that connects my understanding of the aural connectivity between Arrows’ Try and Stay Upright with the so-called real world.

It makes sense because Try and Stay Upright is fuelled by a sense of loss, and pain, and a lot of questions. Arrows are Australia’s poets of melancholia, taking cues from the likes of the Gloria Record and Mineral, the aching riffs and slow building melodies come down in crashing waves of jilted couplets and serious Midwestern emo/indie introspection. In “Calling Your Sponsor”, vocalist Anthony Morgan ends the alcohol-fuelled letter of loves lost with the piercing kind of heartfelt bitterness;

“Why don’t I feel myself when I’m along through the weeknights or fucking somebody else / I don’t know I guess it’s not your place to say anymore, anyway”

It is an uncontrollable emotion at times, and through the six tracks, Morgan is often trying to make sense of the swirling ideas in his head. He writes about past love that segues into the piano-driven reflection of the title track, about being drunk outside a show before the lyrics swerve into the almost scribbled down words; “so I went for a walk.” Almost as if he needed to break away from the path in which the words and music were taking his thoughts.

“Always With the Leaving” is the album’s grand centrepiece; a monstrous 6+ minute epic that traverses self-doubt, anger, and recovery with a beautiful sense of melodic sadness. There is also a poignant moment in the track; the best, most understated manner in which explains the very existence of all these songs;

“You ask ‘why you gotta write these songs about me?’ / I don’t, you write them for me / I just add the melody”

Try and Stay Upright is a remarkable attempt at making sense of the unravelling. The words are frenzied but the music is serene. We do not know the stories behind the words, and we cannot relate to them on the level in which they do because they are an honest reflection of the moments that inspired them. It is an odd juxtaposition but it is music in its truest form; personal. The best we can do is close our eyes and listen. (Hobbledehoy)

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

AUDIO STREAM: Arrows – “Calling Your Sponsor”
Arrows – “Calling Your Sponsor”


We Came As Romans “move on and grow” on new video

Post-hardcore act We Came As Romans have debuted the brand new video for the track “To Move On Is To Grow”. The fresh track is expected to feature on a new album, set for release some time next year.

The video was directed by Dan Dobi, who has in the past worked with Paramore, Gym Class Heroes and Set Your Goals. The band will be traveling down to Australia next year as part of the No Sleep Til Festival and have announced a headlining European tour with Miss May I and The Word Alive.


Cynics get burrito dirty on new video

UK-based folk punk act Cynics (essentially a raucous one-man show that comes across as a mix between Against Me! and Billy Bragg) have unveiled the video for the track “14 Coleman Street.”

The video, perhaps inspired by other famously in-reverse videos, is what happens when you pour a whole bottle of chocolate drink over your head as you walk through the London streets eating a burrito.

Directed by Adam Powell, the video’s genesis came from the simple desire to have Mexican cuisine involved;

“I originally had the idea of doing a video involving a burrito and ‘pitched’ it to Adam when I was well cut at a show at The Windmill in Brixton. A few weeks later and after some last minute planning and a quick dry (literally) run through of the motions, we went for it. After the take I had to walk around the posh streets of London to the nearest toilet looking like this.”

The track comes from the freely available EP, Stones I’ve Thrown, which can be downloaded right here.