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Video: Amy Meredith – “Young at Heart”

Admittedly we have not been the biggest supporters of Australian based music, even though I myself live within the musically gifted walls of Melbourne. Be it the musical upbringing I’ve experienced or personal taste, there was no reason to support Australian music for the sake of supporting Australian music. If a great Australian band came across our radar, then by all means we’ll give it the credit they deserve.

Enter Amy Meredith; not a singular artist but a pop-tinged rock group from Sydney made up of well-dressed gentlemen with a penchant for dance-infused melodies, skittering percussions and on more than one occasion, sugary sweet vocals (frontman Christian Lo Russo sounds a little like the All-American Rejects’ Tyson Ritter).

Their debut album Restless was released earlier this year and while the band initially struggled to find their footing, the album is as every bit compact and welcoming as it is gloriously youthful and vibrant. Some of the album’s initial singles are a little clunky (most notably “Pornstar”; where the band forget the take their fingers off the synthesizer) but their latest, “Young at Heart”, is essentially perfect. It’s quintessentially optimistic, like the waking days and the endless nights of teenage thrills.

You can check out the video above; a near flawless connection between the tune and the aesthetics. Unlike The Temper Trap and their shallow appeal, Amy Meredith have more than just one good card trick up their well knit sleeves. Their dress sense may be a little too indie chic, but their music is every bit you and me.


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