Get Up Kids leave Vagrant, will self-release new album

The Get Up Kids have officially ended their tenure on long time label Vagrant Records and will be self-releasing their brand new album. Speaking to AltPress, front man Matt Pryor disclosed the reasons for leaving their label home since 1999’s seminal Something to Write Home About, saying;

We had a really great relationship with Vagrant, but felt that with the proverbial rebirth of the band, we wanted to start our own label. Do everything ourselves like we did in the beginning.”

The band have unveiled the title for their upcoming record, There Are Rules, which will see home on the band’s own Quality Hill Records. The release is expected January 25th, 2011.

Certainly a loss for Vagrant, but an established act like the Get Up Kids who are untied to a major label deal would see the benefits of complete control of their album in today’s industry climate. It will be interesting to see who ends up distributing the physical release- the only real hurdle independent bands have in this day and age.

There Are Rules will be the first new Get Up Kids album since 2004’s Guilt Show. We enjoyed the Simple Science EP and it’s more experimental tones, and as unlikely as it is, we can all still hope for more material that sounds a little more like this.

There Are Rules tracklist:
01. Tithe
02. Regent’s Court
03. Shatter Your Lungs
04. Automatic
05. Pararelevant
06. Rally ‘Round the Fool
07. Better Lie
08. Keith Case
09. The Widow Paris
10. Birmingham
11. When It Dies
12. Rememorable


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