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The Republic of Wolves to release debut Varuna

Alternative/indie rockers The Republic of Wolves are preparing for the release of their debut full length album Varuna this November. The album follows on from the group’s touted EP His Old Branches and was recorded in guitarist Andrew DellaRocca’s basement.

Varuna is the musical continuation of His Old Branches– beautiful melodies and cohesive arrangements- boosted by a more adventurous sense of aural experimentation. Vocalist Mason Maggio had the following to say about the band’s new work;

We really didn’t have a strict plan or image in mind, and the general sound and feel of the album kind of evolved as we went. We brought in all these disparate ideas and kind of allowed them to fall into place as we laid down tracks, and a good portion of the album ended up being written in the studio.”

The release will come in both CD and vinyl format, with the latter featuring two bonus tracks. Pre-orders are being taken here.

The video for the single “Oarsman” can be viewed above. Varuna is out November 30th.


2 thoughts on “The Republic of Wolves to release debut Varuna

  1. Kathy says:

    Have you heard about Bad Books? It's the band with Andy from Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine. I feel like you'd be a fan. I got it on amazon last week and it's SO GOOD. myspace.com/badbooksmusic


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