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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Unknown Component debuts Electric Dissolution

We are teaming with up with the stellar folks at Skyscraper Media and Unknown Component to bring you the exclusive video premiere for “Electric Dissolution”.

The track comes from Unknown Component’s upcoming new album, The Infinite Definitive, due for release October 12th. Unknown Component is the creative arm of Iowa City native Keith Lynch, a self-taught musician whose influences range from Radiohead and Oasis to Kurt Cobain and Bob Dylan.

Directed by Al Huynh, the video has been described by Lynch as “a wonderful way of capturing the mood of the song” while the new album, his eighth self-released, continues to challenge the listener to soak in meaning and understanding from music previously unattainable;

“the new album is a continuation of the previous albums in the sense that it attempts to communicate in a way that is otherwise impossible”

The Infinite Definitive will be available as high-quality MP3 downloads as well as in physical CD form from the official Unknown Component website. You can view the brand new video above.


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