New old Green Day song

At a recent Denver stop on their current World Tour, Green Day frontman Billie Joe revealed that the band were recording the set for a possible live release. Among the thirty-five (35!!) tracks on show that evening, a “new” Green Day song surfaced. Titled “Cigarettes & Valentines”, the song is actually a long lost track originally part of the scrapped post-Warning album of the same name. Story goes is that Green Day had an album ready to go as a follow-up to Warning, but the tapes were reportedly stolen and the whole session scrapped. Sounds fishy indeed. The band would later record a new album that would become the multi-platinum selling American Idiot.

Video of “Cigarettes & Valentines” can be seen below. Like something from Nimrod, it’s a handy reminder of Green Day’s once glorious repertoire. And since we’re here, below are two older videos of Green Day live- from 1991 and 1994 respectively. Since 2005, this period in the Green Day history books have come to be known as “the good old days.”

“Cigarettes & Valentines”

“Paper Lanterns”

“Christie Road”


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