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Review: Banquets – This is Our Concern, Dude

There is something in the Jersey water, or the air, or the food they eat because the products of their craft have been of the highest quality. This quartet is every bit the punchy blue-collar sounding rock n’ roll band you’d expect from the state that made this sound famous. Like the Gaslight Anthem before them, This is Our Concern, Dude is a brief blast meant as an introduction of sorts (think Senor And the Queen). 4-tracks of bluesy, rock n’ roll powered punk themes that are every bit as glorious as they are introspective.

“Lyndon B. Magic Johnson” and “Eleanor I Need A Garden” are the folkish opening numbers and serve as the perfect one-two opening punch. In “What a Bunch of Aaron Burrs”, melody and poetry intersect at perfect speeds, resulting in a near perfect piece of bluesy melancholia. Closing off the foursome is “I Wish I Was A Little More Lou Diamond Phillips”, a more hallowed, almost-orchestral tune.

Banquets are no stranger to the worlds of popular film culture and American Presidential history. They are intelligent songwriters, heartfelt lyricists and ample tradesmen in the genre of bluesy folk punk. Only anticipation and hope awaits their next venture. And whatever it is that’s coursing through the veins of Jersey musicians, it’s connected to the lifeblood of some seriously good rock n’ roll. (Black Numbers)

[xrr rating=4/5]

Banquets – What a Bunch of Aaron Burrs (from the 7″ This is Our Concern, Dude)


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