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Video showdown: Brand New vs. Faber Drive

Good ideas are hard to come by … just ask pop rockers Faber Drive, whose newly debuted video for the track “When I’m With You” reeks of familiarity … especially for Brand New fans, who have already pointed out the striking resemblance to their video for Continue reading


Audio: Seven Mary Three

7m3Known most frequently in popular music circles for their 1995 hit “Cumbersome,” alternative rockers Seven Mary Three prove that not being in the spotlight doesn’t mean the production isn’t consistent. While fading away from mainstream success, the band have continued to write and record since, and have just recently released their 7th full length album.

Titled Day&nightdriving, the record hit stores last week, but for those wanting samples, you can grab two tracks from the album below (including the album’s first single, “Last Kiss”). 7M3 are out on tour across select cities in North America.

The new songs sound far less grungy than their earliest material- and while it may not spark Continue reading


Modern Life is War call it quits

Modern life is WarIn sad news, hardcore heavyweights Modern Life is War have called it a day. The Marshalltown band have decided to amicably go their separate ways, with a departing note signaling a call to arms;

I hope we have made some people feel less alone and motivated them to think for themselves, be themselves and take action. Punk rock changed our lives. I hope we contributed something to keep the whole thing going. We are leaving soon…but The future is unwritten … so start writing it.”

The sparked the scene with their debut full length, My Love. My Way, but really turned heads with 2005’s Witness. Their final release was 2007’s Midnight in America. One last tour has been announced, and dates will be revealed shortly.

Short Takes

Toshiba kills HD-DVD

It looks like the battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD is pretty much over. Reports are coming in that Toshiba has announced the discontinuation of its HD-DVD line; this includes the developing, manufacturing, and marketing of HD-DVD players and recorders. The full press release of the announcement can be read here.

We hope you all got Blu-ray players. Otherwise, enjoy the Betamax of this generation.