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Writers Strike comes to an end!

WGA strikeAfter months of crippling negotiations, there appears to be an end to the WGA strike. News has filtered in that a deal has been struck between the parties and that writers can now return to work. The agreement came to light on Tuesday, after more than 90% of the votes cast were in favor to end the 100-day stand off.

This is good news for all involved, especially for the fans, who have had to endure shortened seasons, halted productions, and cancellations altogether. Immediate concerns for Hollywood is the upcoming Academy Awards- the show was previously in jeopardy but is apparently back on track now, with the expected February 24th presentation to go on as planned.

How long can we expect regular shows like The Office and 30 Rock to return? And will the network get started on the new season of 24? These are some of the answers we hope to find in the next few days.


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