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Video: Jimmy Eat World – “Always Be”

Jimmy Eat World have debuted the second video from their latest album, Chase This Light. The video is for the track, “Always Be,” and follows the story of romantic loss set in the most lovelorn of locations- the museum (…on second thought, museums aren’t too shabby). It works for two reasons: no Ben Stiller, and no dodgy computer generated T-Rex skeleton chasing him.

It’s a decent song and while certainly evokes the kind of winning sentimentality found on their break through 2001 album Bleed American, it really isn’t anywhere near the strongest effort of the record- in fact, it’s not even the second or third strongest. Here’s the hoping that either “Chase This Light” and/or “Firefight” become follow-up singles.

Chase This Light is the band’s sixth full-length record, and is the follow-up to 2004’s Futures. As of late January, the record has scanned some 164,000 copies in the US.



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