Face to Face reunites!

Good news for fans of melodic punk; Face to Face are coming back! The California-based punk rockers have reunited for live performances after originally disbanding in 2003. The band’s front man, Trever Keith, wrote a message on his personal website announcing the band’s return;

After almost five years since calling it quits, Scott, Chad, Pete, and I have decided to get Face to face back together to play some live shows. Truth is we really miss it. We all get along well. There is no personality drama or anything. The fans are still out there. And we have a blast playing these songs, so why not?

We couldn’t agree more! While the band won’t be recording any new material (we’ll see), they will be playing shows both in North America and overseas (come to Australia!). Their first gig back will be the upcoming Bamboozle Left Festival in Irvine, California on April 5th.

The reunited band will feature the final full lineup- with Chad Yaro (who left in 2001) returning to guitar duties. Face to Face’s final drummer, Pete Parada (who went on to play for Saves the Day and The Offspring), will also be part of the reunion.

For long time fans of the band, it will be another chance to revisit some of the best melodic punk songs of the 90s in a live setting (my last was their 1999 tour with New Found Glory/Saves the Day in San Fransisco), while those uninitiated will get their chance to experience one of the best. Stream a song from their 1994 EP Over It below.

Audio stream:
“I Want”


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