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Audio: The Valley Arena

Valley ArenaThe Valley Arena are a three-piece indie rock band from Long Beach who draw their strength from the likes of Drive Like Jehu, Husker Du, and the Dismemberment Plan. It’s angular, mesmeric indie rock that skirts away from the thin veil of gloss that seems to coat most artists plying their trade under the “indie” banner these days— all of which would benefit from just being called “pop.” But I digress- The Valley Arena have a depth to them, to their music; a crunch, a complexity, a certain kind of urgency.

I’ve only just come across their material and am already endlessly impressed. The band recently released the full length Sesso.Vita on Anodyne, and a few tracks from the record can be previewed after the jump. Just take a listen to the two tracks below and you’ll see that indie rock can be both accessible and heavy at the same time.

Audio downloads:
“Perfume Has Expired” [MP3]
“Exfantasy” [MP3]S


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