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Audio: Tera Melos

Tera MelosSacramento-based noise rock outfit Tera Melos have been causing quite the commotion since their formation in 2004. The trio have been amongst the flock of noise/experimental acts of recent times that have effectively blended to limitless space of instrumental-based music with the organized chaos that can be jazz/funk, and of course, rock music.

What immediately strikes me listening to their work is how chaotic their music can sound- almost to a point of sheer noise- but upon further listen, one discovers an amazing sense of calculation involved with the terror. Audiences who take more comfort in melody fronted music with more rigid song structures take heed; this is apocalyptic to say the least. You can preview some of their recent work after the jump.

Tera Melos self-released an EP at the beginning of 2007 before hooking up with Temporary Residence to release the split EP Complex Full of Phantoms with By The End of Tonight. Sources close to us have said they will be releasing new music in early 2008.

Audio downloads:
“Guy Vs. DC Sniper” (from the Drugs to the Dear Youth EP) [MP3]
“When Worms Learn to Fly” (from Complex Full of Phantoms split) [MP3]


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