Audio: Rex Banner – The Good Times Are Killing Me

Rex BannerSydney, Australia’s Rex Banner have singlehandedly regenerated my enthusiasm for Lifetime-influenced melodic hardcore. Similar to the sort of reaction I had when my friend passed me a dubbed tape of Lifetime’s Hello Bastards many years ago, Rex Banner’s debut EP, The Good Times Are Killing Me, has thus far illicited similar sentiments (yes, it may just be that good).

Riding a wave of pre-release hype (what doesn’t in this day and age?), the band’s sound has been labeled (to a certain extent by New Found Glory’s Jordan Pundik, but mostly by themselves) as ‘Lifetime squared,’ and as silly as it sounds, it’s more than accurate. Vocally they remind me more of more traditional sounding hardcore than the kind of work Lifetime/Saves the Day are associated with, but musically, the band’s lineage can easily be traced back to that ‘Jersey sound.’ They can only get better from here. Check out two songs from their EP after the jump … fans of this genre will not be disappointed.

Audio stream:

Audio download:
“We Can’t Stop Here, This is Donkey Kong Country” [MP3]

Buy The Good Times Are Killing Me right here.

On a related note: I have been really really impressed by some of the amazing Australian bands I’ve across this past year- some truly stellar artists making some ridiculously good music. The future of underground/independent music in Australia is very, very bright (the more commercially viable stuff? Not so much).


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